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The Vision, Mission & Objective Statement :. Vision: Towards building a dynamic, progressive, educated, prosperous & united Devadiga community. Mission : Provider of a social and cultural platform which provides an opportunity to devadiga community members living in any part of the world to utilise his/her expertise, experience and skills towards building up a prosperous community, through advocacy and cooperation and make devadiga community self-sufficient. To, harness, encourage and showcase hidden talents and provide them a common platform to flourish. Motive the achievers by offering a community platform and help. This would be achieved by strong networking, resource planning and sincere motive to serve, through this community portals [ ] Objective: 1. To, unite all Devadigas irrespective of their geographical locations. 2. To, provide a platform to promote Devadiga culture and language and preserve Devadiga heritage. 3. To, provide a platform which will be used for an interaction amongst members of the community. 4. To, provide a platform which will offer guidance to members of the community in pursuit of their vocation or knowledge. 5. To, promote awareness of social problems of Devadiga community such that it will raise the collective consciousness of the community to deal with the same. 6. To, create awareness of sustainable participatory integrated development among Devadigas and achieve it through resource mobilisation. 7. To, strengthen and support Devadiga community members to develop strong technical, educational and other skills in different fields of life at all levels.
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