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03.11.2012 (896 Days Ago)
TitleMangalore Sangha



Here is a brief note about Sangha written on the occasion of opening of newly built Samaj Bhavan. As soon as we get the detailed history we shall post it here!

16th September 2007 will always be remembered as historic day in the long illustrious history of one of the oldest community associations in our Karnataka State; as on this day the much awaited newly built Devadiga Samaja Bhavvan was inagurated.

This first Devadiga community association of Karnataka State named Karnataka Rajya Sudaraka Sangha (Reg) was formed on 14-2-1926 by Late Contactor Manna Gudde Rama Mestri and his enthusiastic team of visionaries. He has donated 2 buildings & a well to the community sangha in memory of his beloved mother Tukkappe.

Wisely on 8-5-1926 the Sangha was registered under the Regsitration of Society Act.  On 25-3-1962 the Sangha activities moved to the erstwhile newly Building which served a landmark of our community in Mangalore for all these years. Later on 9-9-1973 the name of the Sangha was changed to 'Karantaka Rajya Devadiga Sudaraka Sangha (Reg), Mangalore to decorate it with wider coverage & image. The widely known popular Sangha celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 1977, Diamond Jubilee in 1987 and Amrata Mahatsava in 2002.
Interestingly & appreciatively this parent Sangha activated the Devadiga sudaraka movement all over Karavali Region and at one time in its glorious year the Sangha had the affiliation of 18 Sub -Sanghas ( Upa Sangha) in its fold.
As education is boon for the growth of any community, it is to be noted with pride that Sangha started its annual Scholarships for the needy students in 1958 and through this enterprising scheme Sangha has distributed over Rs 5,11,685 between 1992 to 2001.
Sangha must be lauded for the creation of Mangala Vidya Kendra in 1994 and as a tribute to its founders this Kendra is now a well known place of learning.
Yet another milestone was the formation of Mangala Credit Cooperative Society in 1993. Though this institution was a tremendous success both in its enterprise and in giving financial strength to the needy community members & jobs for younger members, it is very sad that it recently embroiled with lots of controversies and almost lost the faith of its supporters.
The Sangha which celebrated ‘Amratha Mahatsava’ on 10-5-2002 has 3500 permanent members and the tenure of its executive committee is two years.
It may be very gladly remembered that UAE Devadiga Forum in its first year of formation 1992-93 has donated to the Sangha Rs.60,000 to be kept as fixed deposit and to distribute the interest money to SSLC Toppers every year.
It is very heartening that on 16th Sept 2007, this mother of all Devadiga Sangha has one more jewel in its crown – NEW SAMAJA BHAVANA.

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