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05.08.2012 02:02    Comments: 6    Categories: Sangha News      Tags: krds  scholarship program  students  dubai  

Mangalore: Karnataka Rajya Devadigara Sangha, Mangalore, together with the officials of Dubai Devadiga sangha honored nearly 370 students for their excellence,  who qualified  for higher education  in various categories, on 5th August  2012,at Devadiga Samaja Bhavan, Mangalore.

A packed audience of almost 1000 people witnessed the function where in members of Mahila Sanghatane  and Yuva Sanghatane  co-ordinated the registration process of  all the students attended.

Programme   started  with prayer to almighty Lord by the Students of Mangala  Education Centre

Mr.Vaman Maroly Vice President  Karnataka Rajya Devadigara Sangha welcomed the guests, students and their parents and members of community

Mr Ramachandra Devadiga, Secretary  K R D S  and  Mr Rohith Maroly  Compared the programme

Mr Dinesh Devadiga  President, K R D S  presided  over the function

Mr  Moses Jaya Shekar  Deputy Director, Department of  Education, Mangalore was Guest of Honour.

Mr U K  Kumaranath   Editor  Vijaya Karnataka  Mangalore was also one of the Guests of Honour.

Mr. M.Jayaram Prasad Active member  K R D S

Mr Harish Sherigar,  President Dubai Devadiga  Sangha was the Chief Guest of Honor during the Scholarship function ,

A portrait of the founder of Devadiga sangha during 1926 in Mangalore who also donated the land  for this community institution, Late Contractor  Sri Rama Maisthry was unveiled  in Devadiga Samaja Bhavan Hall  by Mr. M. Jayaram Prasad

Mr. M. Ganesh  member Managing committee,  spoke  about the good work done by Contractor  Late Rama Maisthry and other founders  of this sangha  before unveiling the Portrait .

Mr Subhash Kanvatheertha, member managing committee, congratulated the students on their success.

Mr Moses Jaya Shekar, Mr U. K. Kumaranath, Mr  Dinesh Devadiga, Dubai, also congratulated all the students and made several valuable suggestions to the students while deciding on their carrier  and complimented Karnataka  Rajya Devadigara  Sangha  for this noble  gesture and for their encouragement towards student fraternity.

Mr Ramesh Devadiga,  Treasurer Dubai Devadiga Sangha

Mrs Veni Maroly, President  Mahila Sanghatane, K R D S  Mangalore

Mr Amrith Kadri, President  Yuva  Sanghatane  K R D S Mangalore

Dr Devaraj, Prinicipal;  S D M College of Management

Dr. K.V Devadiga  Neuro  surgeon  Mangalore

Mrs Sharmila Sherigar  Dubai

Mr Umesh Karkal  Dubai; etc attended the function

All the guests , while distributing the Awards  to  the students Complimented  the students on their success in their field of education

Mr Harish Sherigar  besides donating   Rs 2,50,000/- for the Scholarship fund on behalf of Dubai Devadiga Sangha , offered to present the  Lap top to the toppers in selected categories  and also offered to sponsor the tuition expense of few deserving students, on his personal level  ,which will be worked out soon .

Mr Dinesh Devadiga  in his Presidential  speech Congratulated the students and thanked Dubai Devadiga  Sangha  for their magnanimous  Financial support  for the Scholarship Fund  .

Mr Sadashiva Devadiga Treasurer  K R D S conveyed the Vote of thanks

Programme occluded with lunch  for the gathering




Report By: Shri Vaman Maroly Vice President  Karnataka Rajya Devadigara Sangha

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  •  devadiga_admin wrote 880 Days Ago (neutral) 
    HiriadkaMohandas wrote 89 Days Ago (neutral)

    Wah!!! what a great coordination. Congratulations to Mangalore and Dubai Sanghas for their thoughtful programme.It reminds me again that together we could make a difference in the quality of life for our younger generation. Jai ho Devadigas.
    1 point
  •  devadiga_admin wrote 880 Days Ago (neutral) 
    beeji wrote 89 Days Ago (neutral)

    It is inspiring to understand that 370 students from all over Karavali region are benefited from this year’s Scholarship Awards and its heart satisfying to note that more than thousand community audience witnessed a glimpse of what is in store for us in the future – a bright powerful group of educated youths.

    I whole heartedly congratulate KRDS for organizing this event year after year with great enthusiasm & positive outlook.

    Dubai Devadiga Sangha has been part of this event since 1993. It’s not for the first time that both the Sanghas have cooperated & coordinated successfully; it’s for 20 long years! And both have plans to positively join hands infinitely; towards shaping up the future generation of the community …

    I take this opportunity to congratulate the Dubai Sangha & its leadership for striving hard to mobilize more funds towards this Scholarship fund. Keep it up friends; God Bless your selfless service….
    1 point
  •  devadiga_admin wrote 880 Days Ago (neutral) 
    RaghavendraG wrote 88 Days Ago (neutral)

    I congratulate both Mangalore and Dubai Devadiga Sangha for extending their support for the education. This motivates students and also helps to be more confident and competent.

    Our students are really blessed.
    1 point
  •  devadiga_admin wrote 880 Days Ago (neutral) 
    MohandasShriyan wrote 88 Days Ago (neutral)

    It's a great honour to the Founder of Devadiga Sangh Mangalore Shri Rama Maistry on the unveiled of his potrait.

    More than thousand people who witnessed the 370 student scholarship award function this can happens only with the help of selfless donars who contributed to the scholarship fund.

    Congratulation to Mangalore & Dubai Sangha and the co-ordination between Mahila Sanghatane & Yuva Sanghatane for sucessfully organising this programme.
    1 point
  •  devadiga_admin wrote 880 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Devadiga_GS wrote 88 Days Ago (neutral)

    Congratulations to KRDS, Dubai Devadiga Sanghas & Donars. In my view Education is the foundation stone of a person's life. This type of Function will bring great development in Devadiga community.
    1 point
  •  devadiga_admin wrote 880 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Rajnikant wrote 84 Days Ago (neutral)

    Very well done, appricate the co-ordinated work of Devadiga Sangha Mangalore and Dubai. God bless.
    1 point
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