Tips on Caste-Census by Mulky Jayananda Devadiga

Tips on Caste Census Application by Mulky Jayanand Devadiga

The Secretary to the Mangalore-Udupi District Backward Caste Sopciety and senior person of the Devadiga community Shri Mulky Jayananda Devadiga has requested Community Sanghas and people to understand and guide other people to know the importance of filling the correct infomration in upcoming Caste Census (Janaganathi-ಜಾತಿ ಜನಗಣತಿ) as a part of the project by the Karnataka Government.

Mr. Devadiga has requested every Devadiga community people to use Devadiga only in the Column 6 (Caste)and also to fill Moily/Serigar under Column 8 other synonymous by which the caste is known. He particularly said not to mention anything under Column 7 (Sub Caste) because we do not have any Sub Caste.

Please note:

  1. Devadiga population volume need to be highlighted
  2. Devadiga under Column 6 - (If you use other names it will result in less count of Devadigas)
  3. Column 7 - NA
  4. Column 8 - Moily/Serigar/ ಮೊಯ್ಲಿ/ಮೊಯಿಲಿ
  5. DO NOT use Sherigar or ಶೇರಿಗಾರ್ it may result in benifit to Shervegar, as last time they got the benefit

Contact: Mr. M Jayananda Devadiga - 9242750020

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