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Devadiga Sangha Mumbai, City Region Local Coordination Committee's “YUVA SANGAMA"

Devadiga Sangha Mumbai

City Region Local Coordination Committee's


Held on 8th January, 2017, at Devadiga Centre, Dadar [east], Mumbai 400014

Yuva Sangama

New Year New Beginning


photo 1.jpg

 Yuva Sangama organized by Devadiga Sangha Mumbai - City Region LCC was an experiment to bring  our budding youngsters in a forum and the youth, responded overwhelmingly by participating overwhelmingly in full swing. The Program included "Chunaav Tanaav "with  events such as Elocution, Debate Round and Start Up Ideas. The special attraction of the event was interactive session by Professor Kanchan Pansare Vishwakarma on Relation Builds Nation.

The designing and co-ordination of the programe by CA. Nilisha Moily, Mr. Abhishek Devadiga and Mr. Nitesh Devadiga , Chairman LCC City Region Youth Wing were very much appreciated. The Debate event brought learning curve in to the Youth which shared the experiences like presentation skill and educational values.

The youths acquired unique educational benefits as they learn and polish skills far beyond what could be learnt in any other forum. The Startup event brought out the hidden acting talent in the youth. The short talk on Relationship by Prof. Kanchan Pansare Vishwakarma was educative and very relevant at the event for the benefit of youth.

Chief Guest

Chief Guest for the programe was Devadiga Sangha, Mumbais New President Mr. Ravi Devadiga and he was felicitated by Mr. Hemnath Devadiga new Chairman of City LCC.

The programe commenced at 4.00pm with prayer by Ms Nidhi Nittekar, followed by felicitation to the esteemed members of the City LCC, Shri. Shridhar  R.Sherigar- Devadiga Sangha Mumbai- City Region LCC Ex-Chairman,  Shri. Hiriadka Mohandas - Past President Devadiga Sangha Mumbai -for his active participation and immense involvement in getting the youth together, Ms. Nilisha Moily- for Clearing her CA Final Exams in May, 2016, Ms. Deeksha Devadiga - for her contribution in theater and dance,  Adv. Brijesh Nittekar - for his excellence in legal consultancy, Mr. Hitesh Karkal for his excellence in Project Management Professional Course, Devadiga Kalavidaru Group, Mumbai - for winning the First place in Dance Competition held in Dombivili Karnataka Sangha

Judges at the programe

Mr. Ravi Ullal, Mr. Navinchandra Ullal, Mr. Naresh Devadiga, Mr.Praveen Narayan & Mrs. Pradnya Mohandas.

The Schedule of the Program:

The highlight of the program was Chunaav Tanaav, which started initially with the Elocution Round. In this round each of the six LCCs had to pick a chit and any five speakers of the respective LCCs would speak on the said topic. Every Participating team were given 10 mins for preparation. The topics chosen for the Elocution were as follows:

City Region LCC: (Youth Representative Adv. Brijesh Nittekar)

Eradication of Sexual Harassment


Asalpha Region LCC: (Youth Representative Mr. Vinit Devadiga)

Women Empowerment


Borivali Region LCC: (Youth Representative Mr. Mahesh Devadiga)

Digital India


Bhandup Region LCC: (Youth Representative Mr. Mohan Devadiga)

Devadiga Sangha


Navi Mumbai Region LCC: (Youth Representative Mr. Praneeth Devadiga)

Namma Kudla


Dombivali Region LCC: (Youth Representative Mr. Prasad Devadiga)

Sec. 377 of Indian Penal Code

The next round was the Debate Round. There were three topics given and all the participating teams were again given 10 mins for preparation. The following were the topics for the Debate round:

City Region v/s Borivali Region LCC:

For and Against Demonetization"


Bhandhup Region v/s Dombivali Region LCC:

For or against Drinking age being 21 years


Asalpha Region v/s Navi Mumbai Region LCC:

Arrange Marriage v/s Love Marriage

The third and the final round was a complete surprise event Start Up Round, wherein each LCC had to think from a view point of an entrepreneur i.e. out of the box. They had to bring a product or a service which was not common in the market. The round consists of:

  1. Product Introduction and target audience.
  2. Product Unique Name.
  3. Advertisement.
  4. Slogan for the product.
  5. Marketing strategies to be used.

This element bought among the youngsters their creativity, acting skills, negotiation skills etc. The best amongst all was the product Flag-Off Slippers presented by the Asalpha Region LCC, which was a superb marketing presentation.

The winning LCC was given Cash Price. The winner of the Chunaav Tanaav was Asalpha Region LCC.

Yuva Sangama was one of the unique experiments with Devadiga Youth. The programme was of/by/for the Youth.

1         Photo Gallery :

photo 1.jpg

Our Dynamic Youth Representatives

(L-R: Mr. Guruprasad Devadiga, Mr. Nitesh Devadiga, Mr. Prasad Devadiga, Mr. Mahesh Devadiga, Mr. Praneeth Devadiga, Shri. Ravi Devadiga, Mr. Hemnath Devadiga, Mr Pradeep Devadiga, Mr Vinit Devadiga, Mr. Mohan Devadiga, Adv. Brijesh Nittekar, Mr. Balachandra Devadiga and Ms. Nilisha Moily)

Our Speaker Prof. Kanchan Pansare Vishwakarma  

photo 2.jpg


Yuva Sanghama:

1.Debate Round:


2.Elocution Round: 


3.Start Up Event:



4.Winning Team:




  Devadiga Sangha, Mumbai- Asalfa Region LCC won the First prize. 

More Photos 




































Devadiga Sangha Mumbai- City Region Local Co-ordination Committee :

Hemnath .Devadiga- Chairperson; Balchandra Devadiga- Vice Chairperson; Guruprasad Devadiga Secretary; 

Mahila Vibhag

Geetha Devadiga- Chairperson; Lata Moily Vice Chairperson; Sujaya Devadiga Secretary

Youth Wing

Nithesh Devadiga Chairperson; Nilisha Moily Vice Chairperson; Deeksha Devadiga Secretary

And all Members of the committee 






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