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Mumbai: 1st Annual Day Celebration at City LCC

The First Annual Day Celebration of City Local Coordination Committee (City LCC) of Devadiga Sangha Mumbai was organized on Sunday, the 22nd June 2014 from 2:00 p.m. onwards at the Mysore Association Hall, Matunga (East), Mumbai.

Mumbai: The celebration, which was attended by over 400 members with their family including youngsters in large numbers, was a splendid event conducted with meticulous planning and execution. It was a day for the members to celebrate togetherness, friendship and joy and to fondly remember and express gratefulness to the Founders and Elders of the Sangha for their services and sacrifices towards community.

The City LCC is the 10th arm of the Sangha, constituted on 25th November 2012 for the benefit of members residing within the city limits of Mumbai, i.e. from Churchgate to Vile Parle and Colaba to Kurla. The programme was centered around members of City LCC – the guests felicitated/honoured, the sponsors, the donors and the programmes & performers … all confined to City Region, with a view to identify, highlight and acknowledge the achievements, services and talents of members and their family residing within the region and the effort was proved meaningful as emerged from the  programme.

Shri Tejpal Devadiga (Secretary, City LCC) formally welcomed the members to the day’s function, which started with a Fancy Dress Competition for Children of less than 12 years from all LCCs. Bhuvan S. Kanvateertha won the first prize, Kshathi J. Devadiga won the second prize, while Rakshatha Devadiga bagged the third prize, who were given cash prizes on the occasion. Dr, Raju Y. Devadiga (Bhivandi), Smt. Uma A. Sherigar (Mulund) and Shri Thimmayya Devadiga (Borivali) were the judges for the competition. Smt. Surekah H. Devadiga and Kum. Shamika B. Devadiga coordinated the Fancy Dress Competition.



The competition was followed by cultural/variety entertainment programmes by the members of City Youth Wing and City LCC Mahila Vibhag. Kum. Deeksha Laxman Devadiga presented a brilliant classical dance followed by Bollywood Dance by Kum. Lavanya G. Moily & Kum. Lisha G. Moily.

After a brief tea break, the cultural programme continued by the Youth Wing members with a Group Dance, followed by a Western Dance. A short play on Social Awareness concerning safety issues of women presented by members of Youth Wing was well-appreciated by the audience.

Couple Dance by Smt. Sureka & Shri Hemnath Devadiga and Dr. (Smt.) Veena & Shri Navin Ullal were well-received by the audience.

A solo dance by Vaishnavi Tolar and a melodious Bhavageethe by Smt. Sushila Devadiga were received with applause by the audience. Jaana Pada Nrithya and a Lavani by Mahila Vibhag members were other unique attractions of the day as also a brilliantly presented innovative Puppet Dance by Youth Wing members.

The performing Youth Wing Members Team headed by Shri Deekshit  L. Devadiga (Chairman-Devadiga Youth Wing) comprised of Shri Shivsagar Devadiga, Avinash Devadiga, Guruprasad Devadiga & Kishor Devadiga and that of Mahila Vibhag comprised of Smt. Geetha L. Devadiga, Smt. Malathi J. Moily, Smt. Ranjini R. Moily, Smt. Shakuntala Devadiga, Smt. Latha V. Moily, Smt. Prathima G. Moily, Smt. Bharathi S. Nittekar, Smt. Sujaya V Devadiga, Smt. Chandravathi V. Devadiga, Smt. Amita M. Rao and Smt. Navita V. Gandhi, Overall the well-conceived and well-presented cultural programmes of over 1½ hours duration was highly appreciated by the audience. The cultural programme was coordinated by Smt. Malathi J. Moily, Smt. Ranjini R. Moily, Smt. Geetha L. Devadiga with choreography support by Kum. Deeksha L. Devadiga.

Thereafter, an elocution competition for the youth of 18-35 years age-group was conducted on an experimental basis, which was open to members from all LCCs. The competition was arranged in such a way that each contestant was asked to pick on the spot a chit containing the subject of talk and speak for a minimum of 2 minutes and maximum of 3 minutes. A good number of contestants from various LCCs participated in the competition. Smt. Ashwini K. Devadiga  (LCC, Navi Mumbai) bagged the first prize, Shri Abhishekh H. Devadiga (LCC, City Region)  bagged the second prize while Kum. Deepa Devadiga (LCC, Dombivali Region) bagged the third prize in the competition and were given cash prizes on the occasion.  The panel of judges comprised of Shri T. Vijaykumar Shetty, Shri K.B. Rao, Smt. Meera K. Gandhi, Shri Ganesh Sherigar, and Shri Pramod Mohandas. Shri Hiriadka Mohandas conceived and coordinated the Elocution competition.

Thereafter, the felicitation commenced to honour Sangha’s President, Chairperson-Mahila Vibhag and Sangha’s Past Presidents and Past-Chairpersons-Mahila Vibhag, who reside within City LCC Region:

(1) Shri Vasu S Devadiga: Sangha’s President and one of the Chief Guests of the Day.Shri Vasu S Devadiga & Smt. Prafulla V. Devadiga were also jointly felicitated on the occasion.

(2) Shri Gopal M. Moily : Chief Guest, Sangha’s Ex-President & Chairman-Akshaya Co-operative Credit Society.

Shri Gopal M. Moily & Smt. Shanta G. Moily were also jointly felicitated on behalf of Prakashanand Restaurant-Dadar for being the Main Sponsors for the day’s programme, by sponsoring tea, snacks and dinner for the members present.

(3) Shri K. Bhujangadhar : Sangha’s Ex-President.Shri Bhujangadhar & Smt. Saroj Bhujangadhar were also jointly felicitated for their generous donation to the day’s programme.

(4) Shri Hiriadka Mohandas : Sangha’s Immediate Past President. Shri Mohandas & Smt. Pradnya Mohandas were also jointly felicitated for their generous donation to the day’s programme.

The Sangha’s Mahila Vibhag’s current and past Chairpersons felicitated on the occasion were :

(1)     Smt. Bharathi S Nittekar (Current Chairperson)

(1)     Smt. Shanta G. Moily

(2)     Smt. Malathi J Moily

LCC City Region’s Chairman, Shri Shridhar R. Sherigar were felicitated on behalf of Skiline Menswear-Dadar, the co-sponsor for the day’s programme by sponsoring auditorium charges on the occasion jointly with his wife Smt. Jalajakshi S. Sherigar.

The major Donors for the day’s programme who were gratefully honoured, included the following:

(1) Smt. Pradnya Mohandas & Shri Hiriadka Mohandas

(2) Smt. Sujaya V. Devadiga  & Shri Vishwanath B. Devadiga

(3) Smt. Malathi J. Moily & Shri Janardhan K. Moily

(4) Shri Gopinath S. Rao & Smt. Kathyayini G. Rao

(5) Shri Jayant Devadiga & Smt. Uma J. Devadiga

(6) Smt. Amita Manohar Rao

(7) Shri Janardana Sherigar Sooral

The participation of following Ex-Presidents, Office bearers and Managing Committee members of the Sangha and office-bearers of LCCs were acknowledged and flowers presented to them on the occasion:

(1) Shri S.P. Karmaran (Ex-President)

(2) Shri Janardhan K. Moily (Ex-President)

(3) Shri K. Mohandas (Ex-President)

(4) Shri Ravi S. Devadiga (Vice President)

(5) Shri K.N. Devadiga (Vice President)

(6) Shri Padmanabha A. Devadiga (Hon. Gen. Secretary)

(7) Shri Ganesh Sherigar (Hon. Jt. Secretary)

(8) Shri  Dayanand R. Devadiga (Hon. Jt. Treasurer)

(9) Shri Sunder C. Moily (Chairman-Education Committee)

(10) Shri Prabhakar S. Devadiga (Chairman-Social Activities Wing & Legal Cell)

(11) Smt. Ranjini R. Moily (Chairperson-Sports Sub-Committee)

(12) Shri Raghu A. Moily (Chairman-Membership Coordination & PR Cell)

(13) Shri Ramesh B. Devadiga (Chairman-Matrimonial Services)

(14) Shri Deekshit L. Devadiga (Chairman-Devadiga Youth Wing)

(15) Shri K. Bhaskar Rao

(16) Shri Vijay B. Devadiga

(17) Shri M.C. Hemmady

(18) Shri Keshav Devadiga

(19) Shri Thimmayya Devadiga

(20) Shri Shankar S. Devadiga

(21) Shri Anand N. Devadiga (Chairman-LCC Thane)

(22) Shri Ramanna B. Devadiga (Chairman-LCC Chembur)

(23) Shri Ashok T. Devadiga (Chairman-LCC Asalpha-Ghatkopar)

(24) Shri Sunder O. Moily (Chairman-LCC Borivali)

(25) Shri Satish Kanvateertha (Chairman-LCC Jogeshwari)

(26) Shri Sadashiv Sherigar (Chairman-LCC Mira Road)

(27) Shri Janardhan Devadiga (Vice Chairman-LCC Navi Mumbai)

(28) Shri Hemanand Devadiga (Vice Chairman-LCC Dombivali)

(29) Smt. Pramila V. Sherigar (Chairperson, Mahila Vibhag LCC Thane)

(30) Smt. Jayanthi R. Moily (Chairperson, Mahila Vibhag LCC Chembur)

(31) Smt. Shubha S. Devadiga (Chairperson, Mahila Vibhag LCC Asalpha-Ghatkopar)

(32) Smt. Asha S. Sherigar (Chairperson, Mahila Vibhag LCC Jogeshwari)

(33) Smt. Prabha R. Devadiga)  (Chairperson, Mahila Vibhag LCC Navi Mumbai)

(34) Smt. Laxmi G. Devadiga (Vice-Chairperson, LCC-Mahila Vibhag, Borivali)

(35) Smt. Shakuntala S. Sherigar (Representative from LCC-Mahila Vibhag, Mira Road)

(36) Shri Mohan J. Devadiga  (Representative from Bhandup LCC).

Following Achievers  in Sports, Academic, Cultural fields during the current year, were honoured on the occasion:

(1)     Smt. Surekha H. Devadiga (National-level Veteran Athletic –
Gold medalist in Relay 4 x 400 relay & 4 x 100 Silver),

(2)     Shri Vinit C. Devadiga  (Football – State Level Prayer),

(3)     Kum. Shamika Mohandas (HSC Commerce : 83.23%),

(4)     Kum. Soumya M. Devadiga (SSC: 89),

(5)     Kum. Deeksha  L. Devadiga (Bharata Natya & Choreographer)

The First Annual Day Celebration was commenced with prayer by Shri Deekshit L. Devadiga and Shri Vinay Devadiga.

Simultaneously, the lighting of lamp was performed by the Chief Guests of the Day, headed by the President of the Sangha Shri Vasu S. Devadiga and
Shri Gopal M. Moily (Ex-President & Chairman-Akshaya Co-operative Credit Society) and Shri K. Bhujangadhar (Ex-President), Shri Hiriadka Mohandas (Immediate  Past President), Shri Shridhar R. Sherigar (Chairman-City LCC), Smt. Bharathi S. Nittekar (Chairperson-Mahila Vibhag), Smt. Shanta G. Moily & Smt. Malathi J. Moily (Ex-Chairperson, Mahila Vibhag), Shri Janardana Shrigar Sooral (Ex-Hon. Gen. Secretary) and Smt. Geetha L. Devadiga (Chairperson-Mahila Vibhag, City LCC).

Other Donor Dignitaries present on the dias were Smt. Pradnya Mohandas, Smt. Sujaya V. Devadiga, Shri Gopinath S. Rao (Coordinator-City LCC),
Shri Jayant Devadiga, Smt. Amita Manohar Rao, Shri Tejpal Devadiga (Secretary-City LCC) besides Shri Vishwanath B. Devadiga (Hon. Jt. Treasurer) and Shri Hemanth Devadiga (Vice Chairman-City LCC).

Smt. Geetha L. Devadiga (Chairperson-LCC City Region) welcomed the guests and the gathering while Shri Tejpal Devadiga (Secretary-City LCC) read the report on the activities/programmes of LCC, City Region.

Shri Vasu S. Devadiga, President of the Sagha, while addressing the gathering expressed his deep appreciation of the way in which the day’s programme was conducted with unique concepts and approaches which he said would be amodel for other LCCs. He took the opportunity to invite all the members of the Sangha, specially the youth, to come forward and participate in Sangha’s 90th Anniversary Celebration, which is scheduled on 5th April 2015. He expressed that the savings out of donations/sponsorships of event estimated to be Rs.50 lakh would be utilised for the benefit of needy members for education and medical aid exigencies. The President expressed the hope that the present enthusiastic youth of the community will be major strength for the Sangha in celebrating its Centenary Celebrations in 2025 through their resources and talents.

Shri Hiriadka Mohandas while narrating the sequence of events leading to Annual Day Celebrations conveyed that City LCC has a special significance in the programmes and activities of the Sangha by being a role model to other LCCs. He informed the audience about the saving of Rs. One lakh out of the celebration contributions which the City LCC would hand over to the Sangha towards Medical Relief Fund. Shri Shridhar R. Sherigar, Chairman-City LCC, symbolically handed over a cheque of lakh to the Sangha’s President in the presence of gathering which received a thundering applause.

Shri Shridhar R. Sherigar, Chairman-City LCC in his presidential address expressed his sincere gratitude to all those who are responsible for the success of day’s function. He called upon the members, especially the youth, to come forward with innovative ideas and participate in serving the cause of community.

Shri Seekshit L. Devadiga extended vote of thanks.

The programme was compered by Smt. Ranjini R. Moily, Shri Janardana Sherigar Sooral, Shri Vishwanath B. Devadiga, Shri Shamika B. Devadiga and Shri Abhishek H. Devadiga.

The entire annual day programme was monitored and guided by the Advisors to the City LCC, namely, Shri Gopal M. Moily, Shri Hiriadka Mohandas & Shri Janardana Sherigar Sooral and City LCC Chairman Shri Shridhar R. Sherigar.

The programme was followed by a popular Tulu Drama “Moksha” directed by Shri T. Vijaykumar Shetty of Kala Jagatthu, one of the leading performing arts groups in Mumbai. At the end, the members were hosted with a delicious dinner.


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