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Large crowd witnessed the glittering & colorful programme on KaDaM's 5th anniversary


Dubai, Oct 23: “KaDaM” (Kundapura Devadiga Mitra) members arrived in large numbers and participated in the 5th anniversary celebrations, creating a record full house in banquet hall of Sheraton Deira on 23rd October 2015 to witness the grand cultural event along with the guests who arrived from India.

The program kick started sharp at 10.00 am, when 25 members Ladies Team of KaDaM led by Vishala Dinesh Devadiga welcomed the guest from India at the hotel lobby, holding traditional Kalasa along with south Indian style instrumental music. Guests includes famous south Indian film actress Vinaya Prasad, Suvarna 24X7 well known Investigation reporter from Devadiga community Vijayalaxmi Shibarooru, Business man from Mumbai Suresh Padukone, Jyothi Prakash Atre and Ravi Bhat leading them into the auditorium.



The guests were led into the auditorium where Devadiga community God, Ekanatheshwari Devi Temple beautiful miniature structure, well designed and conceptualized by KaDaM Creative mind member Ravi Devadiga was displayed near the stage. Suresh Padukone lit the lamp, performed pooja for Devi and seeked divine blessings for the program.

Later they proceeded for the inauguration of the programme with KaDaM Members Dinesh Devadiga Couple, Mutha Devadiga, Guests Vinaya Prasad, Vijaya Laxmi Sibarooru, Suresh Padukone lit the traditional lamp at main stage to kick start the cultural program while Yuvaraj Devadiga of KaDaM sang a devotional song. It was amazing to see that for the first time the entire Ball room was already filled with the audience during the start of the programme.

Nithyananda Beskoor welcomed the members, sponsors and the media to the function by promising an exciting day filled with loads of entertainment, fun and frolic.





This year for KaDaM’s 5th anniversary very many celebrities have arrived from India and the main attraction was well- known South Indian actress Vinaya Prasad. Fluent in Kannada, Tulu, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi & English she has conquered the Hearts of lakhs of audience by her spell bounding acting, speeches and anchoring. Other than acting she is a versatile singer by herself and has contributed few private Kannada & Hindi Albums.



Devadiga Star VJ Vineeth who was all the way flown from Mangalore to host the programme took over the stage by storm along with his co-host Vidya Shivkumar. Both of them who acted in movies gave charm to the stage and ably hosted the entire programme with the co-ordination of Yuvaraj Devadiga throughout. Variety of songs, dances and spot games were part of the daylong event.

On Social Awareness


A small beautiful touching video presentation of “KaDaM” team was shown to the audience showcasing the success of the team work, how each human being depended on others throughout their living from child to old age.  It also showed what that in every walk of the one’s life, we are indebted to the society we live with and that we should realize to the fact that we need to do something to the society as well. The presentation created an awareness that It is time to pay back to society through selflessly helping in whatever way you can do to uplift your brethrens around you.


KaDaM's ongoing Community Social Responsibility:


To mark in history, “KaDaM” in a few years of its existence, was proud to announce that a whopping amount of around Rs.20 Lakhs has been collected as KaDaM Education Fund from valuable sponsors’ and is safe in a bank as fixed deposit. With the interest of this fixed deposit and other contribution from KaDaM Members every year around Rs.2 Lakhs worth of Scholarship and Rs. 1 Lakh worth of Books is being distributed to the needy people. Also every now and then based on the timely request KaDaM members are contributing to pay for the medical expenses to the hospitalized needy patients at the hour of emergency. The Monthly Contribution of the Members helped to create Medical Fund to necessitate unexpected emergency medical expenditure. KaDaM Team conducts Blood Donation in Latifa Hospital Dubai every year as a Community Social Responsibility and supporting its social cause. KaDaM also organizes a day long Picnic to its members every year to keep them plugged together.


"KaDaM Devadiga Sadaka Prashasti 2015" Awards conferred on duo Raju Devadiga Trasi and Vijayalaxmi Shibarooru


Every year KaDaM Team honours Community Members with “Devadiga Sadaka Prashasti” Award for those who have excelled in social field or any other areas of success. This year 'Devadiga Sadaka Prashasti' was conferred on Raju Devadiga as recognition to his achievements and contributions in Kundapura with his noble social work & also conferred to the brave Devadiga, Vijayalaxmi Shibarooru for her fight against crime through journalism and reporting/highlighting the issues and scams which created awareness amongst people and forced the government to take proper timely action punishing those criminals.


The formal stage programme was graced by well known personality Padmashree Dr. B. R. Shetty of NMC Group of Co's, Raj Shetty CEO of Ramee Group of Hotels, Praveen Kumar Shetty CEO of Fortune Group of Hotels, Satish Venkataramana CEO of Chilly Willy company, Business man from Mumbai Suresh Padukone, Naveen Suvarna CEO of Makhani Group of Hotels, South Indian actress Vinaya Prasad, Shodhan Prasad, Producer of Nirel & Dhand Tulu Films, Sarvotham Shetty, President of Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha, Anand Devadiga, Member Devadiga Sangha Dubai, Dinesh Devadiga, President of KaDaM/MD of Elegant Group of Companies and founder member of KaDaM, Seena Devadiga who were seated on the stage and felicitated with flower bouquet and mementos.


'Devadiga Sadaka Prashasti' recipient Raju Devadiga was honoured with shawl by Dr. B R Shetty, Mysore Peta by Raj Shetty, Garland by Venkataramana Ganiga, Flower bouquet by Vinaya Prasad, Fruits by Vijayalaxmi Shibaroor while the 'Prashasti Patra' was read out through a small video presentation before handing over by Praveen Shetty. After receiving the Sadaka Prashasti overwhelmed Raju Devadiga thanked the organizers of the event and shared his views with the gatherings. He accepted the honor with his wife Ambika Devadiga.


Later another prominent personality from Devadiga community Vijayalaxmi Shibaroor was presented with 'Devadiga Sadaka Prashasthi' with the honours with shawl by Praveen Kumar Shetty, Garland by Vinaya Prasad, Bouquet by Dr. B. R Shetty, Fruits by Naveen Suvarna. Prashasti Patra was read out through small video presentation before handing over by Seena Devadiga. After receiving the Sadaka Prasasti, Vijayalaxmi Shibaroor thanked the organizers and spoke with encouraging words especially to the females to be strong, during the event.






Followed by Chief Guest of the event Padmashree Dr. B R Shetty who was honored with Shawl by KaDaM President, Dinesh Devadiga, Garland by Suresh Padukone, Bouquet by Vijayalaxmi Shibaroor, Fruits by Vinaya Prasad and moment by Sudhakar Devadiga of KaDaM. Dr. B R Shetty expressed happiness and asked volunteers to contribute in nation building back home and uplifting the society with involving in various similar social programmes.







Also honoured were Raj Shetty from Ramee Group of Hotels, Praveen Kumar Shetty from Fortune Group of Hotels, Business man, Suresh Padukone, Actress Vinaya Prasad, who were presented with the Shawl, Bouquet, Fruits and Flowers by guest in the stage and KaDaM Members. All spoke during the occasion.


Karunakara Shetty of Ruchi Caterers, Kevin Lewis & Pradeep Nair of Oxford Office Equipment, well known Artiste/Ex-President of Karnataka Sangha Sharjah, Ganesh Rai along with other sponsors were honoured during the function.


The formal stage programme was ably compeered by MC Asha Sridhar Devadiga & Santosh Devadiga in their own imitable style.


Cultural Programme

Members and Guest artistes showcased a spellbound performance which included various soulful melodies sung by singers Ramachandra Devadiga, Rajendra Devadiga, Shiva Kumar, Shahid Sahabas, Kumari Adhira Shiva Kumar, Veena Sujith Shetty & Divya Kumble led by KaDaM's own well known film playback singer Pramod Kumar who mesmerized the audience.


Dance performance by KaDaM Members well co-ordinated and choreographed by KaDaM Team members Satish Devadiga and some Well-wishers of KaDaM put the audience on their toes with their class performance.


The highlights were the dance performances by KaDaM Ladies Team comprising of Kiran Beskoor, Vishalakshi Dinesh, Prathima Narayan, Sunitha Manoj, Asha Shridhar, Shruthi Ravi, Kavya Devadiga & Revathi Pramod. Individual performances by Mounika Ashok Kumar, Anusha Raju Devadiga, Dhanya Dinesh & Prerana Pramod were spell bound. Lively dance by Elegant Group comprising of Manohar Devadiga, Vishwanath Devadiga, Santosh Devadiga, Pradeep Devadiga & Satish Devadiga who also choreographed most of the dances.


Deepa Nrithya was by Shashirekha Shrikant who got a overwhelming applause from the audience and later Chief Guest B R Shetty complemented her with a flower bouquet appreciating the act. Other dances included Classical dance by Lakshmi Jayachandran, Tamil/Western Medley by Abhinand Ayush, Atul Jomon, Abhay & Sanjay Satish, Hindi Medley by Samyak Suresh, Samarth Suresh, Vijay, Vinay & Nithyashree, Kannada filmi dance by Bhavya, Celesta, Keertana, Krishnapriya, Priyasha & Shwetha were all part of Symphony Dance Institute, Sharjah.


Mixed Hindi/Tulu dance performance by Priyansh, Hitharth, Ayush, Vamshi, Jayanth, Harshit, Samyuktha, Simran, Riya, Himanshi, Jennika, Krisha, Kyathi, Ishitha & Kushi was superb and they were all part of Brain Box Institute associated with Dance Connect Studio.


Additionally there were thundering performance by a group called "Jazz Rockers" who lead by Rhea Anil, the second runner up of Jhalak Dhiklaa Jaa Middle East T.V. Dance Competition with Anandita Sharma, Anjali Nair, Celeste Fernandes, Erin Maria, Nishita Kamal, Keerthana Shivakumar, Esha Vinod, Rhidima Shivakumar & Tanushree Warrier This was followed by Bhavik & Shashank of the same TV competition and who won the first runner up.


Another Filmy duo was Tulu Film Actress Prajna & Prajwal who gave a mix masala Bollywood dance was loudly applauded.


Yuvaraj K Devadiga awarded with “Best Team Player of the Year 2015” for his best all round performance in organizing the event while Satish Devadiga was honoured with “KaDaM Best Choreographer of the year 2015”. They were supported by Pramod Devadiga.

Notable devadigas who graced the occasion were Anand Devadiga ; MD Naryana Devadiga; Advisors Devadiga Sangha Dubai and Sheena Devadiga one of the Charter member of KadaM.

The members presented glittering dances and other variety entertainment which drew enthusiastic response from the audience who were present in large numbers.

Overall it was a total professional entertainment throughout the day including some spot games in between keeping the audience live till the end of the day.




kadam5th _8.jpg



















Winners of the games and raffle draw were honoured at the end of the event.


Needless to say the entire programme was a grand success with the able leadership of KaDaM's dynamic President Dinesh Devadiga who lead his team all these years with the sole aim of selfless contribution to the community, inspiring the youngsters all the way to build up social values.


Organisers thanked all the Sponsors, Participants, Guest of various organizations, Well-wishers and its Members who made the event a grand success both for planning and executing this event in an organized professional manner. Rhythm Events presented the event with Elegant Group of Companies as the main sponsor while Vakwadi Praveen Kumar Shetty, Fortune Group of Hotels were the Hospitality sponsors.










Report: Shodhan Prasad/Narayan Devadiga Badakere

Photos: Deepak Paladka/Pradeep Paladka/ devadigas


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