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Dr.Jagannath M Sherigar ~ UK’s Eminent Surgeon

Article: 'beeji'

My association with has provided me a unique opportunity to be associated with many proud achievers of our community. Among this creamy layer, one family which always fascinates and inspires me to propagate their successful story as a role model for the present generation – The Mala Family.

Mala is a village in Karkal Taluk. And there lives many classic devadiga families like those who are nestled in villages of Karkal, Kundapur Taluks of erstwhile Dakshina Kannada. But what differentiate Gopal Sherigar’s family from others are the courage, vision and determination of parents and children to forge ahead irrespective of their shortcomings.

Malas are a big family of seven brothers and a sister; Bhaskar M Sherigar ( Bangalore ), Dr.Rathnakar Mala Sherigar (USA), Dr.Jagannath M Sherigar (UK) , Krishna M Sherigar (USA) are known to me as this foursome are staunch supporters of!. In fact Krishna and Rathnakar helped me financially during fledgling phase of this site.

Parents Gopal Sherigar and Lalitha Sherigar are one proud parents and I get thrilled when I imagine how happy and satisfied they must be at the riches of fame their children brought to them, family and the village Mala.

I have already penned the story of Dr.Rathnakar Mala Sherigar who is Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Virginia School of Medicine and Consultant Diagnostic & Interventional Radiologist and Staff Physician in USA.

The camera now shifts from Mala and USA to UK to focus on Dr.Jagannath M Sherigar- A specialist General Surgeon with specialization in Colorectal Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery.

He started his medical education in 1990 after securing merit seat at Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore. After MBBS, he moved to Delhi and worked at Maulana Azad Medical College before joining Specialist Training in General Surgery at Ahmedabad in 1998, which was again a Merit seat. Later, Dr.Jagannath passed his specialist training exam -MS in General Surgery and DNB in 2001. During his training he passed United States Medical licensure examination and moved to US and worked there for six months. Unfortunately he had to come back due to VISA problems without completing training at US. After coming back to India, he worked for a year in Moolchand Hospital in New Delhi as a Senior Resident doctor in General Surgery. At this stage he decided to get training in UK and passed the Entry examination and migrated to UK.

In UK he started his training in University hospital of Wales, Cardiff in 2002 as Senior House officer in General Surgery and rotated through hospitals in London. After a year of training he moved to Belfast and worked there for three years as Specialist Registrar in General Surgery. During training he passed prestegious MRCS Ed examination.

Recently Dr.Jagannath moved back to mainland UK and at the moment working as a Staff Grade Surgeon in Boston , Lincolnshire . His specialty is General Surgery with Colorectal Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery and he is contemplating to settle in UK permanently.
Unlike his other brothers, Dr.Sherigar has a typical British aptitude towards investment. May be, inspired by his loving wife who hails from a business family, he has recently invested in business and has started a Kitchen equipment production company (Elegant Kitchen LLC) and also small glass processing company (Elaf glass UAE) in partnership in our own Emirates at Sharjah!. Hope his new venture will bring him to Dubai to attend UAE Devadiga get-together 2007.

He is married to Prashita in 2004, a B.Com Graduate and has a diploma in network engineering to her credit. She was working for Reliance Industries Mumbai before migrating to UK. She is an enterprising daughter of Mr Gopal Moily & Mrs Shanta Moily, Past President of Mumbai Devadiga Sangha and a prominent Hotelier.

Malas are actively involved in supporting the Devadiga Sangha activities. The family has donated one lac rupees to Devadiga Dangha Mangalore for new building construction. Recently they have also contributed 2 lac rupees to new Devediga Sangha building in Bombay. Apart from this they are supporting community activities in Mangalore, Bangalore and also in Bombay

Dr.Jagannath Sherigar has offered his services to our new web portal as a Medial Consultant.

Jagannath M Sherigar, MBBS MS DNB MRCSEd

9 Castle Road, Boston,
PE21 9QQ
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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