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90th Anniversary Celebrations of Mumbai Sangha - A remarkable & memorable journey

devadiga sangha mumbai.jpg

Hail those eleders who collectively dreamt & embarked on a vision towads successful formation of Sangha & ran it sincerely against all odds and forged ahead to support the fledgling community in those years.

90 years have thus gone by .....Now the present Managing Committee under the directive of a Committee headed by past President Sri Dharmapal Devadiga & present President Sri Vasu Devadiga has evolved a plan to eloborately celebrate the 90th Anniversary at the Devadiga Bhavan, Nerul Mumbai on 18th & 19th April 2015.

On this grand & evenful occasion & its readers whole-heartedly congratulate the organisers and render all the support for the successful event...

Celebrating 90th Anniversary on 18th& 19th April 2015

The Journey so far ………

DEVADIGA SUDHARAKA SANGHA, BOMBAY was formed on 5th April 1925 by a team of visionaries lead by Yermal Koragappa Shriyan and MannaguddeBabu D. Devadiga in a tiny place, 108 Bora Bazaar Street, Fort Mumbai, with main objectives to provide accommodation to community members who migrate to Bombay in search of their livelihood and to unite them in a common platform.

In 1936, DevadigaVeerdal, a volunteer group started under the captainship of K.V.Devadiga with two lady members among others.

In 1936, the process of granting loan scholarship commenced with a release of first loan scholarship.

In 1943, first batch of Life members with N.V.Ullaland M. Rama Maistry enrolled.

In 1946, UlloorKanthappaDevadiga was enrolled as First Patron member of the Sangha.The Sangha, steadily grown with more number of members joining over the years,realising the need to come together.

During the Presidentship of L. B. Ullal the Sangha got registered under the Societies Registration Act and Bombay Public Trust Act, 1908 on 13th March 1948, with core objectives to encourage educationby sponsoring scholarships to the needy students, promote sports/ cultural activities, undertaking socio- economic activities towards the progress/ advancement of the spirit of better living with mutual understanding and support thereby promoting the cause of social harmony. 

Under the Presidentship of M.Venkatrao, the Sangha celebrated its Silver Jubileein 1950.  M. Venkatrao, a veteran member,was the guiding force behind the activities of DevadigaVeerdal. 

In 1952, realizing the need to spread the activities, a Sub-Office was set up in a rented premises at 70-A SiddiqueBuliding, Dada SahebPhalke Road, Dadar (East), Bombay under the leadership of Monappa A. Devadiga, SankappaSidduMoily and  P.R.Moily with the support of many of the dedicated members. The rental rights of the premises were transferred to Sangha for a nominal value, by Monappa A.Devadiga and others. A free reading room and library was set up at Fort and Dadar offices by the members staying in the premises.

During the Presidentshipof  P.RamayaDevadiga, in 1955, Prakash Memorial First Aid Services donated by Smt. and Suresh K. Palimar,was inaugurated by  B.D.Jatti, the then Dy. Minister in Govt. of Bombay.  P. Ramaya Devadiga was one of the leading members responsible for enrolling Devadigas migrating to Bombay during those days and maintained good rapport with the members. 

With a view to encourage Sports and Games activities the Devadiga Sports Club was formed by the Sangha on 4th December 1958, under the Presidentship of  P.R.Moily, with  N.P. Salian as its Founder along with  S.Rama Rao, K.G.Udyavar and some of the enthusiastic sports loving members. Thereafter, almost every year, Annual Athletic Meets were conducted to encourage Sports and Games. 

In, 1962, Zonal Committees were formed to reach out to the members in suburban centres of Bombay, under the Presidentship of K.Bhujangadhar.

In 1975, Golden Jubilee Celebrations were held under the Presidentship of P.Dayanand. The three days event, on 8th, 9th and 10th November 1975, boosted the image of the Sangha with leading personalities from cross sections of the Society gracing the occasion.

In 1978, during the Presidentshipof DivakarDevadiga, Dadar sub office was renovated for making it suitable for accommodating more number of members for their stay at a nominal charge.

On 13th November 1983, Silver Jubilee Athletic Meet was conducted under the Chairmanship of Gopal M. Moily during the Presidentshipof S.K.Shriyan, who was one of the leading fund mobilisers for the Sangha.  

The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the Sangha was held on 29th December 1985 with grandeur and gaiety under the Presidentshipof  JanardhanK.Moily. The event was graced by M.VeerappaMoily, former Chief Minister of Karnataka and JanardhanaPoojary, the then Minister of State for Finance, Govt. of India. During that time HiriadkaMohandas the then Hon.Jt.Secretary,mooted the idea of owning a plot for construction of DevadigaBhavan. Subsequently, the search for suitable plot to be allotted by Government of Maharashtra continued.

In 1989, under the guidance of K.K.Nanda, the President,initiated publishing a in house bulletin, Devadiga News,which was appreciated by all the members. 

In 1995, under the Presidentshipof Janardhan K.Moily, AnnapoornaNidhi was instituted by collecting donations from members.  S.P.Karmaran was instrumental in collecting donations with the support of philanthropic members.

In 1997, under the Presidentshipof Gopal M.Moily, the in house bulletin was reintroduced with new name, DevadigaJyothi. During the period, a record number of members were enrolled and Devadiga Matrimonial Services were reactivated. A get-together of eligible boys & girls was arranged as part of Matrimonial Services with large number of youngsters with their parents attended the event.

In 1998, the bye laws of the Sangha were amended with Change in the name of the Sangha as DEVADIGA SANGHA MUMBAI, which was approved by the competent Authority on 30th September 1998.

During the period the Sangha instituted a Prize to be given every year,to the highest scorer in SSC Examinations in Kannada Medium conducted by SSC Board in order to encourage Kannada Language.

For the first time in the history of the Sangha, an exhaustive Devadiga Members' Directory was released on 15th November 1998by Gopal M.Moily, the President of the Sangha. The efforts put in publishing the Directory by JanardanaSherigarSooral, Krishna N. Sherigar, Vishwanath B. Devadiga, P.V.S.Moily and some of the senior members are commendable.

During the period, as an opportunity to women members to participate in the activities of the Sangha, a sub-committee consisting of women members was constituted as DevadigaMahilaVibhag with Smt. Malathi J Moily as its Chairperson.

A Youth Festival for the first time was arranged to involve youngsters in the activities of the Sangha which was well attended by the Youth.

In 1999, the Akshaya Co-operative Credit Society was sponsored by the Sangha, under the Presidentship of Dharmapal U.Devadiga.  S.P.Karmaran, Ex- President was the Chief Promoter of the Credit Society and Dharmapal U.Devadiga was its first Chairman.   The office of the Akshaya Cooperative Society, in Chembur was inaugurated on 19.9.1999.

In 2000, the Sangha was allotted with 1090.34 sq. meter land at Sector 12, Plot No. 12, Nerul (West) Navi Mumbai, by City Improvement and Development Corporation Ltd (CIDCO), Government of Maharastra for Construction of Regional Cultural Center, at a concessional rate.

On 8th October 2000, Foundation stone was laid by M.Veerappa Moily for construction of DevadigaBhavan- Regional Cultural Centre at Nerul (West), Navi Mumbai.

The sub office of the Sangha at Dadar was converted into Air conditioned Hall to cater to the needs of members. The renovated hall was inaugurated by K.NageshAttavar, Ex - Corporator, Mangalore on26th November 2000 and renamed the hall as DEVADIGA CENTRE. 

On 25th December 2000, the first ever 'Stree Sneha Sammelana’ was arranged by the MahilaVibhag. Smt.Malathi V. Moily Bangalore inaugurated the Sammelana and Smt.Shantha G.Moily was the Chairperson of the MahilaVibhag.

On 10th March 2001, Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of the Sangha was held under the distinguished presence of ParamaPoojyaDharmadhikari Dr. Veerendra D. Heggade. On the occasion Dr. M.VeerappaMoily was honoured with most coveted award DEVADIGA OF THE MILLENNIUM at the hands of Dr.Heggade.  Dharmapal U.Devadiga was the President of the Sangha.

In February 2003, the bye laws of the Sangha were amended with the change of registered office Address in Dadar, as the rental Premises in Fort,which was in the name of KalyanpurSrinivas and Family, was surrendered and proceeds of compensation was donated to Building Fund. 

In August 2003, all donations to Corpus Fund such as Building Fund were exempted from Income Tax under section 80 (G), which provision continued to be allowed permanently by the Income Tax Authority. 

During the year 2000 to 2007, under the Presidentship of Dharmapal U.Devadiga,the main concentration of the activities of the Sangha was on Construction of DevadigaBhavan.  Babu D. Devadiga was the Chairman of Building Committee during the initial period. Subsequently, the responsibility of the Building Committee was shouldered jointly by Gopal M. Moily and  K.Mohandas as Co- Chairmen,along with the President of the Sangha, Dharmapal U. Devadiga.  HiriadkaMohandas, an enthusiastic force behind the DevadigaBhavan project, was the Hon. Secretary to Building Committee. JanardanaSherigarSooraland Padmanabha A.Devadiga, as a Hon.Jt. Secretaries supported in all administrative matters. The support extended by P.Ramesh, at the final stage of Construction was timely. The team of Building Committee visited Dubai four times and other centers all over India,for mobilization of Funds for the project which was a Herculean Task. The networking and the team spirit were commendable.

With the grace of well-wishers,members, philanthropic persons and organisations, the construction of DevadigaBhavan-Regional Cultural Centre was completed by February 2007, with an approximate cost of Rs 2.75 crores, inclusive of Land cost. On 17th February 2007 all religious rituals to occupy DevadigaBhavan were performed with reverence.

A Dream Accomplished!!! 24th February 2007 was a Red Letter Day in the history of the Sangha. DevadigaBhavan- Regional Cultural Centre was inaugurated by Hon'ble. VilasraoDeshmukh, the then Chief Minister of Government of Mahahrashtra, in the gracious presence of ParamaPoojya Dr. VeerendraHeggade, Dharmadhikari, Shree KshetraDharmasthala, Hon'ble Dr. M.VeerappaMoily , the then  Chairman , 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission, New Delhi,Hon'ble Ganesh Naik, Minister for Excise, Labour and Environment, Govt. of Maharashtra, Smt. Hemavati V Heggade, Dharmasthala, Smt. Malathi V Moily, Bangalore and host of eminent personalities from cross sections of the Society.

DevadigaBhavan- Regional Cultural Centre consists of two Auditoriums with seating capacity of 500 on first and second floor. (First floor Auditorium is fully Air Conditioned), Medical Guidance Centre and Public reading room and Library. The Centre is catering to the needs of local populace in and around Navi Mumbai irrespective of caste, creed or religion in promoting Cultural and Social activities.  It's a price less GIFT to the future generation. 

In 2008, after a rigorous approach by the Sangha, Government of Maharashtra accorded Other Back Backward (OBC) status to Devadiga community. The continuous efforts of Vasant Kumar Karkal, the then Hon. Gen. Secretary, and Gopal M. Moily have resulted in Government Notification to that effect.    

On 15th August 2009, RohanKanay, Davangere,the first Devadiga to pass Union Public Services Commission was honoured, under the Presidentship of K.Mohandas. 

On 10th January 2010, 85th Anniversary of the Sangha was celebrated at DevadigaBhavan. Devadiga Medical Guidance Centre was also inaugurated on the same day by Dr. M.VeerappaMoily, the then Union Minister for Law and Justice. SanjeevNaik, Member of Parliament,Krishna Hegde, MLA, Namdev R. Bhagat,Corporatorand SanthoshShettyCorporator, were present. 

On 31st January 2010, the First Medical Camp was conducted at DevadigaBhavan, Nerul.  K. Mohandas,President, inaugurated the Medical Camp.

On 28th March 2010, K.Mohandas, President,unveiled the DevadigaBhavanMarg plaque on two side roads leading to DevadigaBhavan, as approved by the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.  K. Bhujangadhar, Ex- President of the Sangha, was present and blessed the occasion

On 28th March 2010, The Sanghaorganised 'GamakamathuSahityotsava 2010’in association with Kannada SahityaParishathu, MaharashtraGhataka.Dr. M.VeerappaMoily was honoured for his epic Shree Ramayana Mahanveshanam, under the Presidentship of K. Mohandas.

During the year 2010-2011, the Sangha's activities were concentrated on Health care services, Youth and Women empowerment, Education and reaching out to the door steps of the members, under the Presidentship of Hiriadka Mohandas. Free Medical Camps were conducted at various Sub urban centres under the supervision of Social Activities Wing headed by Suresh S. Raoand Dr. Rekha C. Devadiga, Coordinator,Devadiga Medical Guidance Centre.

In the year 2011-2012, under the guidance of Hiriadka Mohandas, President, the Sangha explored all possibilities of roping Youth into Sangha's fold for building up team for future. 

On 15th August 2011, Devadiga Youth Wing was inaugurated in a colorful function with Shailesh J. Devadiga as its First Chairman and a team of enthusiastic/ professional Youngsters.  Ravi Ullal was the Mentor of the Youth Wing. The Youth Wing conducted several programs / competitions for the benefit of youngsters.

As a part of the Drive to Meet the Members at their door steps, a new concept of setting up Local Coordination Committees (LCCs) wasintroduced. Accordingly, the First LCC at Dombivili was formed on 19th June 2011, and thereafter,in Jogeshwari, Asalfa-Ghatkopar, Chembur,Bhandup, Thane, Borivili, Navi Mumbai, Mira Road and City region were formed with enthusiastic members. The efforts of the then Hon. Gen Secretary, Sunder C. Moily, in formation of LCCs are commendable. 

These 10 LCCs have created a forum for members to showcase their talents develop their leadership qualities, special status to Women and youthin their operational area.The experiment of LCCs has more advantages than the shortcomings. The LCCs are the strong supporting wings of the Sangha in all programs. 

On 10th June 2012, Devadiga Youth Wing conducted first ever Devadiga Premier League (DPL) Cricket Match in coordination Devadiga Sports Club.

On 21st August 2012, Shree Rama Bhajana Mandali was formed at Devadiga Bhavan, Nerul and Hiriadka Mohandas, President of the Sangha inaugurated in presence of large number of members from all LCCs. The Bhajanaprogrammes on every second Saturday of the month, festival days and on special occasions are being conducted. The members are sponsoring most of the Bhajanaprogrammes.. The administration of BhajanaMandali is monitored by Social Activities Wing of the Sangha in association with LCC Navi Mumbai. S.P.Karmaran is the PradhanaArchak at the BhajanaMandali. Every year, Shree Rama Navami is celebrated with reverence in a grand manner.

On 30th December 2012, Youth Wing conducted one of its Mega events, AAVANSH 2012, under the guidance of Hiriadka Mohandas, President and RaviUllal Mentor of Youth Wing. Gopal M. Moily, Chairman Akshaya Cooperative Credit Society, Chembur, inaugurated the Youth Festival.

On 9th and 10th February 2013, Devadiga Sports Club celebrated Golden Jubilee Athletic Meet under the Chairmanship of K. Mohandas, with the meticulous planning by Hiriadka Mohandas, President of the Sangha. The Mega event was sponsored by few of the Leading Corporates,individuals and record number of members of the Sangha through LCCs.  It was a grand gala event with honouring of Past Chairmen of Sports Club, Celebrated Devadiga Sports personalities (State, National and International levels). A large number of Athletes from Mangalore, Bangalore, Bhatkala, Pune, Nashik and other places participated in the event. The Two day Mega Sport event witnessed unprecedented participation of members and their family. The Athletic Meet was inaugurated by Jaya C. Suvarna, President, RastreeyaBillavaMaha Mandala and Dignitaries from reputed Community/Social organisations had graced the Athletic Meet.  H. Jaya Devadiga, an eminent sports personality, was the Chairman of Devadiga Sports Club.

In October 2013, the Government of Maharashtra notified' Sherigar' and "Moily" surnames included in the list OBCs under Devadiga, in view of the efforts put in / submissions made by the Managing Committee through National Commission for Backward Classes. The Sangha is grateful to Dr. M. VeerappaMoily for the support in the matter. 

On 31st March 2013, Devadiga Matrimonial Services Committeeunder the Chairmanship of Vasudev T Devadiga,conducted Vadhu-VaraAnveshanaSammelana at DevadigaBhavanNerul in coordination with LCCs for meeting of eligible boys and girls along with their parents.   A large number of eligible boys & girls attended the event with self-introduction and inter-action.  The Devadiga Matrimonial Services Committee is one of the active Teams in counseling and mediating for match making for eligible boys and girls.   The second   Sammelana was conducted on 2nd October 2013 atDevadigaBhavan, Nerul. A good number of wedding proposals were finalized under the guidance of the committee.  The Committee maintains   matrimonial data and meets once in a week at Dadar Centre for consultations and guidance.

The year 2012 -13, was a year to reckon with, for performance and excellence in Sangha's activities. During the year, an all-time record number of members were enrolled with the support of LCCs, all time record mobilsation funds for the activities, maximum support for Education through scholarships and financial assistance, highest number of Medical Assistance support extended, financial support to all applicants sent through Sangha's outside Mumbai and over and above. The positive financial status of the Sangha, with a record amount of accumulation to Corpus Funds.  Thus,a difference was made and the new energy/ ideas flowed into Sangha's activities.

During the year 2013-14, under the Presidentshipof Vasu S. Devadiga, the Sangha continued its support to the members at times of medical emergency, encouraging the students for higher education, encouraging the Sports personalities to participate National and International events and promoting Cultural activities.

At the 89th Annual General Body Meeting held on 12th October 2014, a major decision in consonance with the objectives of the Sangha was taken to establish Educational Institutions preferably in Udupi/Dakshina Kannada Districts of Karnataka where maximum number of Devadiga families are residing, subject to availability of land through the State Government.  The process of identifying the place is in progress.

Devadiga Mahila Vibhag is one of the complimentary wing to support the activities of the Sangha.  During the last two decades, the MahilaVibhag contributed its mite in introducing new members to the Sangha.  Every year, HaldiKumKumprogramme, International Womens Day, Seminars and Get-together/ picnics were arranged in-order to have close interaction / fellow-ship.  Smt. Malathi J Moily, Smt. Shantha G. Moily, Smt. Prafulla V Devadiga, Smt. Pushpa S Rao lead the MahilaVibhag as its Chair Persons.  Smt. Bharathi S Nittekar is the present Chair Person of the MahilaVibhag.  

Devadiga Sports Club is arranging Annual Athletic meets almostevery year and encourage sports and games activities.  Smt. Ranjini R Moily is the present Chair Person of the Sports Club.  During past two years, some of the talented sports persons have participated in State / National Level Athletic meets of the veterans.  Smt. Jayanthi M Devadiga, brought laurels to the Sangha by winning several Gold/ Silver/ Bronze medals regularly.  Smt. Surekha H Devadiga, Smt. Hemalatha L Devadiga, ThimmaDevadiga have also won medals at various State /National level Athletic Sports Meets.

The Social Activities Wing and Legal Cellis conducting programs such as Medical Camps, BhajanaProgrammes and Seminars for the benefit of the members.  Advocate Prabhakar S Devadiga is presently heading the sub-committee.

The Education Committee is coordinating Merit/ Free Scholarship to the needy and deserving students of the Community Members in consonance with the core objective of the Sangha.  All Local Coordination Committees (LCCs) are also extending their support in contributing to the Education / Scholarship Fund.

The Membership Co-ordination & Public Relations Cell, presently headed by Raghu AMoily is inter acting with the all LCCs for membership enrollment and updating the membership Directory.

The Audit Cell presently headed by Ramesh B Devadiga is closely monitoring the financial transactions in accordance with the budgetary provisions made by the Sangha every year.

The Building Committee presently headed by Gopal M Moily is closely monitoring the maintenance of DevadigaBhavan at Nerul and Devadiga Centre at Dadar Office.

The Devadiga Youth Wing presently headed by Deekshit L Devadiga is conducting various activities for the benefit of the youngsters in coordination with all LCCs.  They extend volunteer services during various programmes of the Sangha.

Presently all Sub-Committees being monitored by Ravi S Devadiga&  K N. Devadiga, Vice Presidents with their support of Smt. Malathi J Moily&Ganersh Sherigar Hon. Jt. Secretaries &ShriVishwanath B Devadiga&Shridayanand R Devadiga, Hon. Jt. Treaurers.

90th Anniversary Celebrations are scheduled to be held on 18th and 19th April 2015 at DevadigaBhavan - Regional Cultural Center, Nerul Navi Mumbai.  On 19th April 2015, DevadigaraAdhiveshana is being convened to discuss and deliberate on VISION 2025, a road map for the Community to plan it's strategies to gear up to meet the challenges ahead, with specific reference to Youth and Women empowerment,Education to all, Health care services, strengthening the Organisational set up at all levels and role of DevadigaSanghas all over the Globe. The representative members from various Sanghaswill be attending the Adhiveshana. Some of eminent personalities,community leaders and youth members will be presenting the paper on VISION 2025.

During the 90thCelebration, the Sangha instituted Devadiga Ratna, Devadiga Bhushana, Devadiga Shree, Devadiga Kreeda Bhushana, Devadiga Sanmitra and few Appreciation Awards.

The Sangha salutes to Founders, Yermal Koragappa Shriyan, Mannagudde Babu D. Devadiga, Past Presidents, Sesa R. Gujaran, Kadri Veerappa Devadiga, P.N.Rao. Y. Neelaya, B. Narayan Rao, L.B.Ullal,B.P.Shriyan, M. Venkatrao, P. RamayaDevadiga, B.K.Shriyan, P.R.Moily, S.V.Ullal, C.D.Ullal,K.Bhujangadhar,K.BhojaRao, P.Dayanand,DivakarDevadiga, B.K.Salian, S.K.Shriyan, JanadhanK.Moily,N.G.Padubidri, K.K.Nanda,S.P.Karmaran,GopalM.Moily, Dharmapal U. Devadiga, K.Mohandas and Hiriadka Mohandas

The Sangha also recognises with respect  the services of Ex Officer Bearers Sarva Shri M. Damodar,M.Padmanabha, K.MahalingaPandit,M.AnthappaDevadiga,Y.G.Devadiga,K.S.Devadiga, P.RukkaDevadiga,H.N.Devadiga,H R.Devadiga, K.V.Devadiga, H.KookraDevadiga, Narayan Devadiga, KaupKadyaDevadiga,  P.K.Devadiga, Chandu S.Shriyan, Hejmady Narayan,Sunder K. Palimar, P.S.Sunder,Sachhidanand D.P, Veerappa P. Devadiga,Krishna I Moily,R.D.Moily, K.N.Devadiga,Krishnappa V. Devadiga  Babu.Devadiga, KallianpurSrinivas,H.KujumbaDevadiga,HaleangadiSrinivas,JanardhanaUllal, Y.K.Somnath, B.A.Shriyan, G.C.Devadiga, SrinivasRao,M.DayanandaRao K.S.Gopal, Sanjeeva K, Iddya, VenkappaDevadiga, PrabhakarRao, Sunder M.Salian, BhaskerKananthoor,K. Damodar,N.P.Salian, Sundarj A. Adiyar,N.K.Devadiga, K.S.Moily,S.S.Suratkal,K.Ravindranath,M.Bhasker,S.P.Moily,ShankarMoily,Anni B.Devadiga, P.Ramesh, Anand R. Devadiga, M.P.Kergal, N.S.Salian, Mukund E. Kunder, Sadananda E. Moily, N.Chandrashekar, VasuS.Devadiga, Anand K. Sherigar, B.S.Salian,Anand N. Devadiga,Yeshawant R. Gujaran,Ramesh J.Ullal, Krishna N. Sherigar, VishwanathB.Devadiga, JanardhanaSherigarSooral,  VasantkumarKarkal, ShyamS.Devadiga, SeetaramKadri, LaxmanD.Rao, Balachandra G. Devadiga, Ranjini R. Moily,  Raghu A Moily,SudhakarYellur, Ramanna B. Devadiga, Y Dayanand,  M.Devadiga, Sunder C. Moily, Padmanabha A. Devadiga, RukminiY.Devadiga, Ramesh B. Devadiga and  Umesh R. Devadiga


Compiled by.Padmanabha A. Devadiga, Hon. General Secretary (2013-2016). 



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